Stefi's Travel Blog

Hi there 👋

My name is Stefi. I am a speciality coffee lover, skier, occasional longboard skater and someone who might spend way too much time watching YouTube videos.

In the near future I'd like to finish an olimpic triathlon and write more on this blog about traveling, my life in Barcelona, share recommendations (books, podcasts, YouTube videos, etc.), as well as insights from my journey in tech including articles code related. Beside this I hope to make more videos for my YouTube channel that I will share here too.

I come from Romania, Brasov and currently, I live in Spain, Barcelona. I'm quite introverted and I used to be somewhat / extremely cautious and indecisive.

Asking myself often "Who Are You?" and "Are You You?" helped me keep going. These questions come from a mini series I've seen on YouTube.

In my spare time I also enjoy reading, spending time with friends, and when restrictions allow, independent and adventurous travel!

Nice to meet you 😊