Welcome to my blog

April 14, 2014 • 1 min read category: uncategorised


Dear friends, family and everyone in between,

I'm finally starting my very own blog. When I was younger I had a blog hosted on Blogspot and it always annoyed me that I cannot customize it as much as I wanted. After learning to code and about static website generators like Gatsby I decided to give this a shot and create my blog without a CMS and instead use markdown files. Gatsby is super cool and I am excited to start sharing more content soon.

Now that we are live the challenge will be to actually write :)

This blog will be about:

  • Travel (hopefully soon we will be able to travel again as right now the furthest I've been in a month is to Mercadona, the supermarket 650m away from my house);
  • Barcelona (the city I live in at the moment);
  • Stefi's shorts (which will be post about stuff that I am thinking about, learning or reflecting on);
  • Video (my very own YouTube videos shared here plus other videos I enjoy watching - mainly YouTube videos);
  • Recommendations (Books, Podcasts, Movies anything I find useful and I want to recommend);
  • Quotes That Make Me Think;
  • Maybe some articles code related. -> update: I've created a separate blog for this

Hope you will enjoy it!

Cheers :)

PS. Date of this post is not real. Blog was started on 2020-04-14