Best Ice Cream Spots in Barcelona

May 04, 2024 • 4 min read category: Barcelona


With summer just around the corner, it was time to put together this list including some of the ice cream places in Barcelona where I enjoyed really good ice cream. Whether you are visiting Barcelona or you live here and you want to get some good ice cream these places are a must-try.

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1. Gianduia - Gothic Quarter

Ranking ice creams can be challenging, but I would place this one among the top-top choices. It's a small Italian ice cream spot minutes away from the Cathedral. Here you'll find Italian 🇮🇹 ice cream and a very friendly owner.

2. La Lletera Barcelona de Gràcia Helados Artesanos - Gracia

As the title suggests, this place is located in Gracia and is a convenient option if you're walking down from Park Guell or Casa Vicens. If you fancy trying out something new order the Orxata, also known as horchata outside of Catalunya, it's a traditional Spanish drink made from ground almonds, sesame seeds, rice, or tigernuts, sweetened and flavored with cinnamon. This drink is originally from Valencia.

3. Paral·lelo Gelato - Eixample

This used to be one of my favorite places but last time I tried I found it a bit too sweet. Nonetheless, it's great and they have a lot of flavours to try including vegan options. A cool thing they do here here is allowing you to order a small cone with 2 half scoop flavours.

ice cream with 2 flavors

4. Morreig - Gracia

This ice cream shop is easy to miss as there is no big sign. It's close to the Cinema Verdi where they play movies also in their original language. Located on Carrer Verdi which is a pedestrian street in Gràcia you might want to check out.

5. Gelaaati Di Marco - Gothic Quarter

This is an Italian ice cream shop located in the city center. Initially, I was skeptical, fearing it might be a tourist trap. After giving it a try I can say this is good ice cream. The staff is really friendly and they have interesting flavours.

6. La Glace BCN - close to Ciutadella Park

Located minutes away from the Arc de Triomf and near Parc de Ciutadella it's the perfect spot if you fancy getting some ice cream while being in the area.

7. Gocce di latte - El Born

This place is perfect after a day at the beach in case you choose to go to Barceloneta or walk around El Born.

8. Gelats amb Sol AURELIEN.BARCELONA - Gracia

This is another ice cream spot in Gracia. Located in the Plaça del Sol it's a cool place to check out and see young people sitting on the floor talking, playing instruments, having a drink etc.

9. La gelateria de Leonardo - Poble Nou

Small and good! Since I stopped working in Poble Nou I haven't been in that area that much which I guess is why I don't have that many recommendations. As a tourist, you might not wonder that much there but if you have time go. The food is good and the neighborhood is pretty cool too.

10. DeLaCream - Eixample

A popular ice cream spot in the middle of Eixample on one street that I really like which is filled with restaurants, C. d'Enric Granados. There tends to be a line around this shop. They opened one also close to Arc the Triumf. I've tried it, not a fan but I guess people lining up for it must do it for a reason so if you are in the area and don't mind the wait give it a try.

11. MAMÁ HELADERA - Poble Nou

I haven't tried this one but it's on my list. If you do try it let me know if it's any good. As of writing this article, it holds a 4.9-star rating on Google Reviews."

12. AMMA Gelato - Gracia

I'm not a fan but if you want to get a vegan ice cream everything flavor here is vegan. I had vanilla and it was too sweet.

13. Amorino - various around the city center

This is not a typical small-business ice cream shop from Barcelona; instead, it's part of a chain that I first tried and enjoyed in Sevilla. They'll shape your ice cream as a rose and it's a bit more expensive than the other places. You'll find a few in the area of Las Ramblas.

Do you have a favorite spot that didn't make the list? Do you have any comments to share? If so please add them here. Thanks!

Enjoy 🍦