Barcelona recommendations map with local tips

January 07, 2022 • 1 min read category: Barcelona


Living in Barcelona for almost 5 years I have a lot of recommendations of coffee shops, restaurants, places to see, museums, and tourist attractions. To make it easier to share this with friends I have decided to create a Google Map that can be added as a layer on one's Google Maps.

The places I've added have a small note of why I put them on the lists and some tips and tricks. For example, if I share a museum, you might find the info on how to get free tickets to this it.

I recommend checking before going to a place to make sure it's still open. Unfortunately due to the pandemic, some places had closed. I'm constantly updating it.

Feel free to share this map with friends and if there is a place you think should be on the map let me know I would like to go check it out. You can reach me via Twitter or Instagram. Thank you!


Barcelona recommendations map